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What Economic Effect Does Modern Immigration Have On America?

Posted by URWAH AHMED | Nov 15, 2022 | 0 Comments

What Economic Effect Does Modern Immigration Have On America?

Americans are generally divided on the debate over immigration. Many patriotic citizens today are in favor of it, whilst quite a few are also against it. Both are justified to some extent. However, the negative impacts of immigration cases are generally given more light. 
Still, one thing we should consider here is that there are always two sides to a coin. Where there might be issues caused by the migration of foreigners to the US, there are also upsides to it. So, today, we're going to have a look at some of the ways immigration actually facilitates the economy and people of the United States of America. Let's have a look at some of those down below:

A Large Number Of Wages Unaffected

When you think about immigration, one of the first things you consider is how immigrants affect the wages of natives. This is because some of them in their desperation for landing just about any job they can at whatever pay is available. 
But fortunately, that's a misconception when we look at the bigger picture. Most immigrants that visit the US do so to get higher pay than back home. This, in my opinion, best illustrates economic immigration. A majority of them are well-educated, experienced, and knowledgeable about the general wages offered in the US. Hence, they too, expect the same kind of pay you do when applying for professional jobs. This means the market remains competitive and wages at a reasonable rate as they should be. 
Additionally, employers generally prefer to pay the same wage for the same amount of work. So, whether it's you or an immigrant, both would likely be compensated in a similar manner.

Significant Labor Force With Young People

Another positive impact of immigration is the fulfillment of market gaps. While there are many skilled native professionals, market demand is not always met. Additionally, the seek for young talent is always on the rise. The factor behind that is that the youth is more energetic, creative, and ambitious.
So, the way these issues are met is through economic immigration. Most immigrants are quite intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated. Hence, the more young immigrants we get to work for us, the better our businesses perform. In turn, we also generate a higher GDP which significantly boosts our economy. So, when we look at it that way, it's a win-win situation for both the individual and the country. 

Higher Job Creation Through Immigration Cases 

Apart from the wages, the availability of job opportunities is another major concern for natives. Some people see the inclusion of thousands of foreign nationals moving to the US as a threat to their opportunities in the corporate sector. This is indeed a valid concern if you consider that you'd all be applying for the same number of jobs.
This, however, is the good part. When immigrants move to America, they're more likely to start a business here than to keep working a corporate job for the entirety of their stay here. This isn't unnatural of course. Many immigrants have a go-getter mentality from the get-go, and others adapt it. This is because they have at least two of the three following goals in mind when they visit:
1 – Cater to their expenses in the US
2 – Earn extra to support families back home
3 – Afford their tuition fee independently
This is why they don't merely get jobs, but also find other creative ways to make more. That often results in the formation of new businesses that offer jobs to both native and immigrant citizens residing in the area. Hence, instead of running out of jobs, you get even more jobs all around.

Enhancement Of Natives' Skill Sets

Another benefit of immigration is people of different cultures share ideas. The way I perceive a concept would vary from the way you do. Similarly, the method of solving a problem also varies among people of different nationalities, regions, and backgrounds. This diversity best illustrates economic immigration's positive aspects.
As a result, when you approach something with a creative mind, brainstorming becomes more productive. In addition to that, immigrants bring different kinds of skill sets as well. So, working with them, not only would you learn to think differently, but also adapt to a differing set of skills. Of course, this goes both ways. Whether it's you or them, both benefit from the interchange of the other one's ideas, expertise, approaches, and experiences.

Increased Investment Through Innovations

Let's talk about another big factor that justifies the presence of immigrants in the US. When you talk about STEM, a large number of professionals we have aren't natives. Immigration cases instead make up nearly a quarter or more in these sectors across the board in the country. 
Now, a major factor keeping the US relevant in these fields is constant research, development, and innovation. This is where the abilities of the aforementioned immigrants come in handy. According to research conducted by leading economists, even a minor increase in immigrant college graduates nearly doubled the number of patents filed per capita. Hence, they don't simply contribute to keeping up the American legacy in science and technology alive, but also help facilitate its growth through sheer will and dedication to its upward trajectory.

Larger Amount Of Tax Collection

So, earlier we discussed how immigration adds to the betterment of the corporate world. But of course, that's not where it ends. Their inclusion and contributions to businesses across the US, also benefit the government. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why many governments have condoned them in the first place.
Thanks to the vast number of people contributing to wealth creation and business productivity, companies get to generate higher revenues and profits. On one hand, this contributes to the country's GDP growth. On the other hand, as skilled professionals, economic immigration also adds to the number of taxpayers, increasing the total collected tax tenfold. So, it's a win-win-win situation where immigrants, businesses, and the government, all benefit in the long run.

America – A Country Built On Immigration

If this wasn't enough evidence to present, there is one last thing we should keep in mind. America is a country that was built on immigration. Many of its people migrated from far-off countries around the world. Its success lies in the principles of democracy, diversity, and freedom. What we have today is thanks to the collective effort of the brightest minds, the hardest workers, and the bravest souls. 
So, while immigration cases can have their issues, let's not look at them merely through a critic's lens. Instead, let's ponder over both the good and bad, to understand how America is affected by them all in all, and how it can benefit from the many different advantages of immigration. 


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